Jul. 29, 2019

A little over a year ago after getting more into Stoicism, I decided to try writing a daily journal, no big ambitions just a couple of paragraphs reflecting on my day with just a simple rule. Don’t quit!

After many attempts, I was determined to learn Vim for real at the beginning of 2019 and use it for everything, including writing this very own blog post, the lesson? Embrace the suck!

At work aside from all the meetings, politics and managing, I still carve out time to write code — day in day out for weeks, months and years on end.

I find time to surf every good swell. Be it at 5:30 am or 8 pm, cold and sharky to sunny and perfect, it doesn’t matter.

I make the bed every day for years now; I read somewhere that said successful people do it, so I said why not? Bullshit or not I stuck with it.

Last year I took on woodworking, and since then I’ve built a ton of things including a workbench, a desk, a shoe rack, coat hanger, outdoor table, copper pipe coffee table respecting a single constraint to finish each project in one weekend.

On my spare time I’ve been working on a side project to scratch an itch for some time now, I’ve pivoted a couple of times, simplified a bunch, but I’m still griding until it gets shipped.

The thing is there’s no shortcut, progress seems slow but when I look back and realize I’m writing this blog post in the desk I’ve built, using my Vim skills and publishing it in the app I’ve developed feels damn awesome!

A handful of things and projects, more doing less consuming.

Consistency compounds.